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Church of jesus christ of latter-day saintss Essay, Research Paper

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Church of jesus christ of latter-day saintss

The church that I visited was the Church of Jesus Christ and the Later Day Saints in Santa Ana, CA. When I foremost got at that place I walked around the church and read some articles that I found on the walls. One article read that this church was the 2nd largest Mormon Church in the universe. It took me a piece to happen where the service was and I noticed that there were several suites that said Cultural Service room or something like that. Then I besides noticed that about everyone that was there was Hispanic. Which was wholly different from what I had expected. Where the service took topographic point was different from any other church that I had been to. There were no Windowss, no stained glass, no images, and nil that would truly do you believe you are in a church. There was about a three-foot high wall at the forepart of the church, where the dais was. There were eight rows of church benchs and so chairs behind the church benchs. The age was chiefly in-between age and the economic form looked to be lower in-between category. When I foremost went in, I sat down, and so I realized that it was a service in Spanish, but there were some Caucasic work forces in the back erosion suits, and appeared to be the same people I see siting their motorcycles, that come to my house.

At the beginning of the discourse there was a adult male at the dais and was speaking about something, but I couldn t understand him because he was talking Spanish. He was keeping up a bronze basket looking thing. After he was done talking a adult female came up and sang in Spanish, but there was no music and no 1 else American ginseng but her. After she was done vocalizing, another adult male who I think was the chief curate came up and spoke for about a half hr. After he was done, another adult male came up and gave a supplication and so everyone left. One thing that was interesting that I have ne’er seen in any other church before, was there were seats that people could sit in behind the dais where the talkers were standing. Normally in all the churches behind the curates are tapers and normally a rood. Another thing that I besides noticed was that everyone H

ad two Bibles, but so I realized, one was the Holy Bible and the other was the Book of Mormon.

For the undermentioned inquiries, I asked a adult female by the name of Gretchen and received the undermentioned replies. For the first inquiry, if you have a divinity, give the name? She answered, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. For the 2nd inquiry, in your faith, how are you supposed to move toward other? She answered, We don & # 8217 ; t discriminate against other churches and we accept all people. We re supposed to be charitable and do service for others whenever moved upon to make so. We should be sort to all people. The 3rd inquiry, what are worlds and how did they come to be? She answered, We believe in Adam and Eve and that God put them here, we are existences with a organic structure and a spirit that has the potency of being godly. The forth inquiry, How do people acquire in problem in your faith? She answered, Well if you don & # 8217 ; t obey the word of wisdom, you can acquire into problem. If you break the 10 commandments, if you don & # 8217 ; t obey the jurisprudence of celibacy, but anything truly that would acquire you to roll from the right way can acquire you into problem because God knows all of your wickednesss. The 5th inquiry, how do they acquire out of problem, she answered, To acquire out of problem, you have to atone. We have to travel to the Godhead and inquire for forgiveness, inquire the individual ( if person else is involved ) and inquire them for forgiveness and ne’er do it once more. If we do it once more, so we haven & # 8217 ; t genuinely repented. The 6th inquiry, what happens to you when you die harmonizing to your faith, she gave the reply, We believe that you are reunited with your households after you die and that there are 3 degrees of glorification after decease, they are heavenly, tellurian, and telestial. The 7th inquiry, do you believe in Eden, life on Earth, and snake pit? She answered, Yeah, heavenly is the highest, and telestial is the lowest. We have outer darkness which is reasonably much snake pit. The last inquiry, Do you believe in affair merely, Spirit merely, or both Spirit and affair? She answered, Well we have Religious organic structures and physical organic structures so I guess spirit and affair.