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Oedipus Rex Essay, Research Paper

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Oedipus Rex

Oedipus was non composed by his destiny ; he was responsible for his ain behavior. From his really birth Oedipus was predetermined to get married his female parent and slaying his male parent. His state of affairs was inevitable. Although Apollo exhorted the prognostication in Delphi, this event merely drove Oedipus to carry through his fate.

There were a series of events that occurred doing Oedipus did to entice himself to destruction. Oedipus wouldn & # 8217 ; Ts have cursed himself so ignorantly had he been more persevering to analyse the slaying with the former King Laius. He intentionally wanted to cuss the slaying. ( On page 438 ; lines 226-271 ) & # 8220 ; Upon the slaying I invoke this curse- whether he is one adult male and all unknown, or one of many- may he have on out his life in wretchedness or day of reckoning! If with my cognition he lives at my fireplace, I pray that I myself may experience my curse. & # 8221 ;

Oedipus was a alone person for his clip. He wasn & # 8217 ; t seen as being a perfectionist. The feeling of the drama was to give off a message of imperfectness. Cases such as Oedipus & # 8217 ; s could be related to our lives. Life is unpredictable, anything can germinate from it ; even a state of affairs such as Oedipus & # 8217 ; s may happen its manner to world. Oedipus had excessively much accent on his ego. He was headed in the incorrect way. Distrusting, disobeying, and discrediting the Gods all played a function in his bad luck. Oedipus calls the old prophet a prevaricator after he was told he was responsible for Laius & # 8217 ; s slaying. He left his place, Corinth, presuming he could lead on the Gods from his destiny. Unfortunately, Apollo & # 8217 ; s prophet would be expecting Oedipus & # 8217 ; s arrival no affair where he went or what he did. The chorus & # 8217 ; s position of Oedipus & # 8217 ; s amour propre, and discourtesy for the Gods was frail. & # 8220 ; If a adult male walks with arrogance of manus or word and gives no attentiveness to Justice and the shrines of Gods despises- may an evil day of reckoning smite him for his doomed pride of bosom! – if he reaps additions without justness and will non keep from impiousness and his fingers itch for untouchable things. When such things

are done, what adult male shall plan to screen his psyche from the shafts of the God? ”

Oedipus was preoccupied with the bewilderment of his birth, and the decease of Laius. He was endeavoring for the truth. Many thought Oedipus should alleviate himself of this load, and allow the enigma travel unresolved. But Oedipus couldn & # 8217 ; t release himself from this compulsion. Jacasta tells Oedipus, & # 8220 ; I beg you & # 8211 ; make non run this out- I beg you, if you have any attention for your ain life. What I am enduring is enough. & # 8221 ; Oedipus answers, & # 8220 ; I will non be persuaded to allow opportunity of happening out the whole thing clearly. & # 8221 ; Not even his married woman could halt him from get the better ofing the huge obstruction of deciding his inquiry.

Unfortunately for Oedipus the freak he most dearly feared became a world. A herder unlocks the tether of Oedipus & # 8217 ; s inquiries. Oedipus was a true victim of ego inflicted destiny. & # 8220 ; I who foremost saw the light bred of a lucifer accursed, and accursed in my life with them, cursed in my killing. & # 8221 ; Obviously Oedipus feels he had been damned. But as the narrative comes to an terminal Oedipus gouges out his eyes. The chorus didn & # 8217 ; t see this as a sensible action, why would he make such a thing? Oedipus replies, & # 8220 ; It was Apollo, friends, Apollo, that brought me this resentment, my sorrows to completion. But was the manus that struck me was none but my own. & # 8221 ; Oedipus was guilty. He is undeniably responsible for the decease of his male parent, and for get marrieding his female parent. Most of all Oedipus faulted in his effort to raise himself to the same degree of the Gods, while seeking to fly from his fate.

None the less Oedipus had a scruples, and knew he must be punished for his wickednesss. Otherwise he wouldn & # 8217 ; Ts have gouged his eyes out with Jocasta & # 8217 ; s brooch. A valuable lesson was learned to ne’er take the Gods for granted or Oedipus & # 8217 ; s destiny could go your ain. Be merciful, and vulnerable, don & # 8217 ; t allow plume acquire to your caput or you shall falter upon a huge hole that would devour the most cherished entity you own ; your psyche to the audacious will of life.