Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

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I truly enjoyed reading it which is unusual because I usualy don & # 8217 ; t bask reading to much. There

was something about George and Lennie & # 8217 ; s friendly relationship that truly made me believe. Sing how they

were and how they shared life was truly intresting. George didn & # 8217 ; Ts have to trouble oneself with Lennie, he

could hold abandoned him and gone on his ain manner. But he did non make that, he stayed with

Lennie watching over him about like a parent to a kid. Even though Lennie ever got Georege

in problem, George ne’er stoped loving him and ever stood by him. The friendly relationship they shared

went beyond what was crystalline they each shared a dream and both knew they ment the universe

to each other.

I felt that if these totaly different people could acquire along and look out for each other, why can & # 8217 ; T we

acquire along with people who are differnt than us. They made me recognize that I could larn something

from how to handle people who are differnt than me. What I besides liked about it was the manner they

ne’er stopped seeking to re

ach their dream. This made me believe that if they could work hard for

there dream why can & # 8217 ; T I. It showed me that it does non count were you come from or what you

make, it is all right to woolgather and work every bit difficult as you can to make it.

For all it shows for friendly relationship and trueness it besides shows how sometimes you have to make things you

ne’er thought you would make. For illustration in the terminal when George is forced to hit Lennie in the

caput you would ne’er hold thought he would make that, but you can see that under the

fortunes he had no other pick. He merely had two picks let the other people get to him foremost

and watch them torment Lennie while he died a long atrocious decease or make it himself and acquire it over

quick were Lennie did non cognize what hit him. This is besides true in life, many times we are faced

with tuff picks and even though they may be the hardest you will hold to travel through, you know

that that is the lone manner. You come to the realisation that everything you thought you was approximately,

can all alter with a wink of the oculus.