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Organic Foods Essay, Research Paper

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Are Organic Foods Better For You?

Organic agriculture began in the late 1940 s in the United States, and in recent old ages it has seen a dramatic addition in popularity ( Rubin 1 ) . The gross revenues of organic nutrients have been increasing by about 20 per centum a twelvemonth over the past decennary ( Marcus 1 ) . That is over 10 times the rate of their conventional opposite numbers ( Harris 1 ) . There are 10 million consumers of organic nutrient in the United States, yet organic nutrient represents merely one per centum of the state s nutrient supply. This twelvemonth organic nutrient gross revenues are expected to lift to six billion dollars ( Rubin 1 ) . So what are organic nutrients? Organic nutrients are those which are grown without endocrines, pesticides, or man-made fertilisers. Besides, the dirt in which organic nutrients are grown must be clean for three old ages ( Howe 4 ) .

About 70 per centum of the American public believes that the organic label on nutrient merchandises means they are safer to eat and better for the environment harmonizing to a study by the National Center for Public Policy ( Cummins 1 ) . Organic agriculture does hold its advantages. It conserves H2O and dirt resources, recycles animal waste, releases fewer chemicals, improves dirt birthrate, promotes diverseness of harvests, and protects farm workers, farm animal, and wildlife from potentially harmful pesticides ( Rubin 4 ) . But are organic nutrients safer than conventional nutrients? Not merely can organic nutrients be contaminated with bacteriums and pesticides, but besides they are more expensive than conventional nutrients, yet do non offer a better nutritionary value or significantly better gustatory sensation. Sir John Krebs, a animal scientist appointed to head the Food Standards Agency in the United Kingdom said that people who bought organic nutrient believing it was safer or more alimentary were blowing their money ( Jones 1 ) . Critics of organic farming claim that it is unsafe, environmentally detrimental and, above all, incapable of feeding an overpopulated universe because harvest outputs are lower than in conventional agribusiness ( Jones 2 ) .

If you are looking for wellness benefits from organic nutrients, salvage your money. Organic nutrients are non needfully safer than conventional nutrients. Eileen White, proprietor of a wellness nutrient shop that sells organic merchandises, says, I can t warrant that organic nutrients are safer than regular nutrients, but that is merely a hazard that some consumers are willing to take. ABC s 20-20 reported happening higher concentrations of bacteriums on organic green goods than on conventional green goods ( Tierney 1 ) . Organic nutrients can be contaminated with salmonella, Listeria, or E. coli. These micro-organisms can do unwellness and even decease ( Rubin 2 ) . Besides, since organic nutrients are grown with manure, there is a greater hazard of bacterial taint. Animal waste is used as a fertiliser alternatively of man-made chemicals on organic nutrients, and this carnal waste may incorporate unsafe bacteriums ( Tierney 1 ) . Although the manure is composted to kill the bacteriums, uncertified husbandmans may non ever follow the proper process. Dean Cliver, a professor of nutrient safety at the University of California at Davis, provinces:

We know that animate beings are casting bacteriums that can do people vomit if the manure hasn T been treated decently. Personally, if I knew something was grown with conventional chemical fertilisers, I would experience excess safe. But we don Ts have any informations to demo that organic nutrient is more or less safe. ( Tierney 2 )

Many consumers buy organic nutrients because they think that they are pesticide

free, but this is non true. Organic husbandmans can utilize natural pesticides such as S, Cu, nicotine, and works infusions ( Rubin 2 ) . Man-made pesticides can besides be found on organic nutrients. Man-made pesticides can be carried by air current, land H2O, rain, or dirt from other farms to organic farms and pollute the organic nutrients being grown at that place ( Rubin 2 ) . Eighty-nine to ninety per centum of all pesticides drift from their point of application, which increases the hazard of nearby countries being exposed ( Howe 2 ) . Besides, man-made pesticides used earlier may non hold disappeared from the dirt and hence can pollute organic harvests ( Rubin 2 ) .

Many people do non detect a important difference in the gustatory sensation of organic nutrients and conventional nutrients. Some organic nutrients taste really different as compared to conventional nutrients, like organic milk ( White ) . Sue Gebo, writer of What s Left to Eat? , explains: surveies do non demo a important gustatory sensation difference between organic and conventional harvests ( Rubin 3 ) . U.S. News held a unsighted gustatory sensation trial to find if organic nutrients tasted better than conventional nutrients. Winter tomatoes, both organic and conventional, were every bit tasteless. Conventional carrots and blueberry yoghurt tasted better than their organic opposite numbers, but organic orange juice Ta

sted better than conventional orange juice ( Marcus 3 ) .

Agricultural Secretary Dan Glickman states that organic nutrients are no more wholesome or alimentary than conventional nutrients ( Marcus 1 ) . Although organic nutrients are about wholly free from man-made chemicals found in man-made nutrients, they are no richer in vitamins, antioxidants, and other foods. They are non less likely to do a individual ill either ( Marcus 2 ) . The higher food market monetary value merely buys a individual peace of head, non better nutrition.

The cost of organic nutrients can be 20 per centum to 50 per centum more than conventional nutrients due to limited supply, particular handling, and required enfranchisement ( Rubin 1 ) . All organic nutrients must be produced without man-made pesticides and familial technology. The usage of sewerage sludge as fertiliser and enlightening nutrient to continue it will be banned besides, as will hormones and antibiotics in organic meat and dairy merchandises ( Marcus 1 ) . Not utilizing these engineerings makes organic farming more labour intensive, hence doing organic nutrients more expensive.

Organic nutrients besides have other disadvantages. One disadvantage is a short shelf life. Cereals, staff of lifes, nuts, seeds, and oils should be refrigerated. Besides, meats cured without nitrates and nitrites should be frozen ( Rubin 2 ) . Organic agriculture besides yields fewer harvests because insects, weeds, and fungi frequently damage a larger part of organic harvests than conventionally adult harvests ( Howe 5 ) . Finally, merely about half of the provinces regulate organic nutrients and small exists to halt organic husbandmans from labeling any nutrient they wish as organic ( Howe 4 ) .

Recently, the safety of conventional nutrients has been questioned. The usage of pesticides supplies higher harvest outputs, reduces the cost and labour of agriculture, and produces comparatively unmarred, visually appealing green goods ( Howe 3 ) . However, some scientists think that pesticide residues in conventional nutrients could, over many old ages, raise the hazard of malignant neoplastic disease and other unwellnesss. Hard grounds of this is scarce ( Marcus 1 ) . Pesticides are merely unsafe if they are present in toxic sums. Our nutrient supply is safe because the Environmental Protection Agency controls the degrees of pesticides used ( Rubin 2 ) . A panel of the National Research Council concluded in 1996 that bantam degrees of chemicals in the nutrient supply are improbable to present an appreciable malignant neoplastic disease hazard ( Tierney 2 ) . A similar study released in the same twelvemonth by the National Academy of Sciences stated that pesticides pose small hazard to worlds because they are consumed at such low degrees ( Rubin 2 ) .

The wellness benefits of eating fruits and veggies such as lower rates of malignant neoplastic disease, shot, and other diseases far outweigh any possible hazards. Still, the idea of pesticides on fruits and veggies may still concern some consumers, so here are some ways to cut down exposure to pesticides. One should take nutrients that are free of soil, cuts, insect holes, decay, and cast. Besides, choosing green goods that has midst teguments, chaffs, or hulls ( like bananas, melons, and citrus fruits ) reduces exposure to pesticides because the teguments are harder to pervade. Before eating fruits and veggies, they should be scrubbed utilizing a difficult green goods coppice and washed under cold H2O. Cooking or baking nutrients will besides cut down pesticide residues, as will tining, stop deading, or drying nutrients. Finally, one should eat a varied diet to cut down exposure to any individual pesticide ( Rubin 3 ) .

It is foolish for one to believe that merely because a merchandise is natural it is better than conventional merchandises. E. coli and other micro-organisms are natural excessively. Organic nutrients are non any safer than conventional nutrients. They still can incorporate bacteriums and pesticides, and are no more alimentary or delightful than conventional nutrients. Yet people are still willing to pass about twice every bit much on organic nutrients. If one wants to purchase nutrients that are more environmentally friendly, so organic nutrients would be a good pick ; but if one is looking for immediate wellness benefits, salvage your money. An apple is an apple, whether it is organic or non, and people should non hold to pay twice every bit much for peace of head.

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