Overview Of The Socialist Party And Bob

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overview of the Socialist Party and Bob Dole AbortionI. Socialist Party & # 8230 ; The Socialist Party is based on the thought that the on the job category are to the full capable of running their ain bussinesses and magnaging their ain lives. The party strives to do a classless system, all people populating in the state are equal in position income and hereafter. Everyone works and earns their menu portion. The authorities and large self-importance driven bussiness CEO & # 8217 ; s shouldn & # 8217 ; t be pull stringsing the lower or less fourtunate category. The bussinesses are run by a group of workers that are non paid any more than anyone else that are in charge of all the workers. The authorities sets the wages for the occupations. The individuals that are in charge of the company are in charge and run the bussiness but besides must work a just sum of hours in the existent labour or services that the company produces or provides. These individuals are elected by the people of the working category, non choosen by the governement. Peoples that can non works because of chronic unwellness, mental disablements, or aging are given a little sum of money monthly and vouchers, or nutrient casts, that supply them with the bare esscentials. The authoritiess says that the people should of saved money or get down salvaging money to derive the luxeries that they feel that they need. The community construction is set up by the community that elect a group of individuals that create Torahs, much like our current authorities, but merely run into for 3 hebdomads in a twelvemonth to travel over all Torahs put in forepart of them. These postions are volunteur postions, the lone benifits are that the 3 hebdomads that they are out voting they are still being paid. Another footing of the Socialist party is that the armed forces is a non-essential money grabber. They support a skeleton defence and a extremly little counter-attack force. The party feels that manner to much money is being wasted in the military and should be put back into the community and used for the benifit of the people. The federal authorities itself is devised of three basic parts, the same as ours. The judical subdivision would be the same except the the figure of juctices would be cut well, besides the wages and benifits are reduced, besides the people would el

ect the juctices. The legislative subdivision would be divised in 5 representitives per province. They vote in the same manner that the legislative subdivision, they are besides paid a little item wage and expected to keep a little portion clip occupation to purchase luxires. The authorities besides strongly supports eviromental concerns. The authorities would take a strong function in federal, province, and local enviromental concerns. It will pay for clean-ups and for a atomic free state. One more strong country of the Socialist Party is that they support all signifiers of the abolition of opression. They strongly dislike the opression or discromintaion of people of colour, sapphic, homosexuals, gender, race, category, rewards, or beginning of birth. To sum up their signifier of authorities they say to alter the authorities to the better, in their eyes at least, we, the people, need a entire restructuring of the authorities.

II. Dole.. Bob Dole, the republican president canadite, has created a muddle veiw of his base on abortion. The republican platform supports the pro-life veiw. They strongly support that babes non born are still alive and can experience so the babes should non deserive to decease. Although the republicans move towards pro-life Bob Dole avoids the inquiry every bit much as possible. He himself has a alone veiw in the affair. He in some ways pro-choice. He diesn & # 8217 ; t non come out and state it because he is seeking to maintain as many ballots as possible to remain near the President Clinton. He has favored that side of the disscussion a few times merely because it is his ain pick. He doesn & # 8217 ; t experience restricted by the party restrictions. The party will non turn on him because they don & # 8217 ; t want to badmouth the charecter of their ain campaigner. Bob Dole has set himself up for a blow if anyone straight asks him but yet know one has up front and asked him. Alothough vurnable to the media the republican party is protecting him a spot from the inquiry but non plenty so that if Dole loses the election that the party can turn against him if they wish. All that this shows is that Bob Dole is non afraid to travel against the criterions and be his ain alone individual. That shows that Bob Dole is a strong moral campaigner that will non alter to suit the criterions of a party and maintain his ain beleifs.